Billionaire Who Wanted To Die Broke ,Gives Away Entire $8 Billion (N3tn) Fortune


89 years old Chuck Feeney who is knowed to be Irish , to be a contemporary business and enterprenuer,is said to be decleared broked. cause he has given out $8 billion to charities,universities and organisations worldwide via the Atlantic Philanthropies.










Forbes Magazine is reporting. it absolutely was said that that Feeney,reached his billionaire status by co-founding airport retailer Duty Free Shoppers. The enterprenuer was famous for leading the way with lifestyle of giving.







It is said that  he believed within  the concept of ‘Giving While Living’. which  encourages philanthropists to spend all their money during their own life-time to possess better control over its use.before the interview he had with Forbes, the billionaire said that he was, in fact, very satisfied.





Under his Giving While Living vision, he has been able to do some hands-on charity and failed to should depend upon funding a foundation post-death. The billionaire added that he learned lots along his journey and also the concept of why not provides it all (the wealth) away had struck as very appealing to him. He wanted to try to to to to and appear the hay under his watch.


Feeney has been approximately  depart about $2 million (N767m) for his and his wife’s retirement and was said to possess given all his money anonymously and made sureit stayed that way. Currently, he lives in an apartment in city.📸Forbes


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